Top 4 martini recipes with vodka

You can explore lots of martini recipes at home. Vodka is used as the most common base for preparing martinis. It has a transparent taste and when fruits are added to it, you will get a strong taste of the fruits. Here are the best martini recipes you can try with vodka.

Blueberry Martini

For this wonderful recipe, you will need acai-blueberry vodka, triple sec, Chambord and cranberry juice. The acai-blueberry vodka is a different type of vodka that will give you a very distinct taste. Against this special base, your martini will have a very special flavor. You will need a hint of cranberry and a touch of orange to complete the drink.

Peach and Pomegranate Martini

This martini requires peach schnapps, pomegranate vodka, cinnamon, juice of orange and lemon, and a pint of sugar. You can have this martini any time of the year. Use a shaker to mix all the ingredients properly. You can put a cinnamon-sugar rim around the glass for a classic finish.

Melon and Cucumber Martini

This is a very simple martini recipe. All you need is melon vodka, cucumber, and syrup. You can get the cucumber fresh from the garden.This drink is very refreshing.

Apple-cider Martini

Apple cider is a very healthy ingredient. This is a spicy, sweet and citrus drink that will give you a lasting taste. It can be the attraction of any dinner party.

All these recipes are very easy to try. You can get most of the ingredients at home. You can try these martinis with vodka for any occasion and entertain your guests.

Top 5 martini recipes with gin


Gin is a great liquor.It has many good properties. Its flavors are versatile. It is often used as the foundation of some great martinis. You can make various martini recipes with gin. We will discuss some great martini recipes with gin here.

Classic Martini

You should mix your preferred proportions of gin dry vermouth and gin. You can either stir it well or shake it in a shaker. You can drink it straight or use it as the base of other drinks. It’s one of the simplest forms of martinis you can make.

Gimlet Martini

It is a great drink for summer. It only needs two ingredients. You can use it as an alternative to lime juice. It is made of syrup and lime. It is a very refreshing drink, especially during hot weather.

New Orleans Gin Martini

This drink needs quite a lot of ingredients including gin, syrup, cream, citrus, and egg white. The egg white is needed to increase the creaminess of the drink. The flavor you get is lovely.

Singapore Sling Martini

This simple gin martini is loved by many people. It contains a lot of ingredients, but the original recipe is lost over time. The major ingredients of this drink include citrus, gin, soda and cherry brandy. The drink must be poured over ice. If you want to add a little variation, you should add pineapple.

Aviation Martini

This gin martini produces a beautiful light purple color. You will need maraschino, gin and some fresh lemon to make this martini. You will have a great experience tasting this special martini.

If you are fond of gin martinis then you must make these at home. These martinis have been proven to have great tastes. You will love these on every occasion.

3 best martini recipes you can try at home

When it comes to a martini, the choices are endless. You can make great martinis with the ingredients that are readily available in your pantry. Here are some of the best martini recipes you can try today.

Espresso Martini

Vodka is a common base used in most martinis. This particular martini is also made from vodka. You will also need some triple sec and lemon juice. Use a shaker to make this delicious martini by placing ice, vodka and the rest of the ingredients and mixing them well. Strain the mixture into a martini glass and take your sip.

Chocolate Martini

Who says that you will need to eat chocolate in only their original form? If you are a chocolate lover then you can add chocolate to any meal or drink. Martini is no exception. In this special martini, you will need Smirnoff Vanilla and Godiva liqueur. Fill up your shaker with ice and add these two ingredients. Shake them well. Pour the mixture into your favorite martini glass and top it up with some chocolate bits.

French Martini

It is a very popular martini. You will need to use vodka as the base here. You will need to add ½ parts of Chambord Liqueur and 2 parts of pineapple juice into the vodka in a shaker. This will give you one of the best tastes. You can garnish the drink with a lemon twist or raspberry.

These martinis are very easy to prepare. Try these at your home today and enjoy the appreciations will receive by serving these to your guests.