How Cannabis Interacts With Alcohol

Ever had a bad experience with drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana? Well, you’re not alone. Most people mix both cannabis and alcohol and while it’s sometimes done because they can’t think straight anymore, others do it just to experience a better “high”. Regardless of why you do it, the effects may not be pleasant, especially if you’re not a regular user. Many people have the habit of mixing both drugs regularly, but instead of using both at the same time, it’s best to pull back and use one at a time.

So, what exactly happens when you mix both? Science has answers, but like everything else in the world of marijuana, it’s not clear. We need more research to comprehend the effects, but based on the studies that are already done, it will suffice to say that cannabis is the lesser evil of the two. Alcohol is much more dangerous than cannabis. In fact, millions of people die due to alcohol and studies show that cannabis hasn’t killed even a single person, but what happens when you mix the two?

The effects of alcohol

There are many studies that focus on the effects of alcohol after smoking marijuana, which was grown under the best led grow lights. As usual, the results are not clear and need more evidence; however, two out of four studies show that alcohol tends to increase the levels of THC in the blood by at least 50 percent!

One particular study detailed that the more the alcohol, the higher the THC! In fact, it’s stated that the levels of THC in the blood double when the substances are mixed. So, why does this happen? People who enjoy edibles will understand how this works. Basically, cannabis contains liposoluble elements, which means that CBD and THC will dissolve in ethanol, oils or any kind of fat.

The fact that you cook cannabis with butter to make cannabutter is evident that THC dissolves in fat. Now, since the liposoluble elements like THC and CBD are mixed with alcohol, they dissolve faster and that produces more THC when you drink. Note that this study used small quantities of alcohol, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what would happen if a lot more alcohol was consumed. To put it simply, cannabis doesn’t behave the same when you mix it with alcohol.

When an individual mixes both cannabis and alcohol, he has to worry more about the risks of alcohol. Remember that the effects may not be same for everybody because we are all different. Also, the user’s gender, age, tolerance, and weight will determine how both the substances affect them.

As the THC dissolves, it becomes more long-lasting, and since this is something you don’t want, it’s better to stick to cannabis alone. Also, you tend to consume/smoke more cannabis under the influence of alcohol. Since cannabis doesn’t raise the alcohol levels in the blood (in fact, it lowers it!) like alcohol increases the THC levels, you’ll fare better by relying only on marijuana.

Assuming that the studies were based on small amounts of marijuana and alcohol, it’s interesting to find out what would happen if you were to consume alcohol as a regular cannabis user. Generally, people who drink start slowly with single shots and later as time goes by, they increase their tolerance and consume more.

Scientists who wanted to study the effects of cannabis and alcohol when combined made mice run on a spinning rod. When drunk, the mice had very little motor coordination, but incredibly, they performed better when they consumed alcohol and cannabis daily! In other words, one drug is increasing the tolerance of another drug – known as cross-tolerance – and this happens with humans too.

Simply speaking, people who used cannabis regularly had no dizziness after drinking alcohol while occasional cannabis users felt dizzy. With time, regular cannabis users may not be affected by alcohol as much as it used to affect them earlier. This doesn’t mean that you can drive after drinking because the time you take to react to situations also increases and that’s definitely not a good sign when you’re driving or doing something else that needs your complete attention.

It’s very normal for people to mix alcohol and cannabis nowadays, and since there aren’t many studies to back any claims, it’s not possible to be sure of the exact effects; however, if given an option, it’s recommended that you only enjoy cannabis and stay away from alcohol as it’s not a good idea to mix the two.

How to Tow your Tiny House the Right Way

One of the greatest benefits of owning a tiny house is that you can move house – literally!

Even though the average tiny house owner only moves their house three times in their lifetime it’s still very important that you understand how to tow it safely and correctly. if your first moving day is coming up soon you’ll be wondering what kind of truck you’ll need to tow it? How can I weigh it? Is it better to rent a truck for towing? These are all great questions and here are our recommendations for how you can tow your tiny house safely and securely.

Renting versus buying a tow vehicle

If you don’t already own a large tow vehicle the first thing to consider will be whether you should rent or buy one. if you don’t plan on moving your tiny house often then buying may be overkill. Large tow vehicles are not cheap and they consume a lot more gas than an average vehicle.

To take an example, for a 20-foot home or less you’ll need a minimum half ton truck like a Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado. Understand though that not all tow trucks are created equal. There are differences in specs that make a big difference in how much a vehicle can tow. Many people buy these trucks not intending to tow something so it’s important that you have a vehicle designed for towing like the F-150 3.5L V6 TC. It’s carrying capacity is more than double what the normal 3.5L V6 can carry so know what you’re buying before making a decision.

If you decide to go with renting you come up against the same problems in towing capacity. Most rental shops only provide trucks for towing lighter loads and won’t have the capacity for towing a tiny house. A great service we recommend is they rent trucks specifically designed for towing heavy loads. You can choose among different tow packages and hitches and the prices are far more reasonable than buying your own vehicle to move your tiny houses for sale in Missouri.

Other Things to Consider


Tiny houses usually don’t require any permits as they are built to meet road requirements. Just to be safe though you should check your local state laws for towing before setting off. You’ll need to consider weight, height, width, and length, see what your state laws are on this webpage.


Before you even step into the vehicle for moving you absolutely have to have insurance for both the truck and your tiny house. It should be comprehensive and cover collision for the tiny house. Having insurance is not just about protecting you and your home but also others on the road.

Plan your Route

When towing anything of this weight it’s vital that you plan your route accordingly. Try to avoid bridges, bends, traffic jams and poor-quality roads. Even with the best planning you probably won’t be able to avoid all obstacles so have a second route planned out just in case. For better safety, it’s good if you can have a second vehicle moving ahead of you to watch out for potential problems and clear the way. Lastly, make sure you have parking space ready for when you arrive.

Hitching your Tiny House

If you’re not sure how to safely hitch up your tiny house watch this video on how to do it by Paprika Clark.

Towing your tiny house isn’t all that complicated. With just a little bit of preparation, you can protect yourself against the worst happening and ensure that your tiny house reaches its new destination safely.

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Air Mattress

Air mattresses are also known as pool lounge or pool air mat because of its features and purpose. However, air mattresses are more than a pool flotation device as it had been considered as one of the essential camping tools and home furniture. Here is a complete guide that can help you choose the best air mattress.

Why choose air mattress?

Before we proceed to check out air mattresses, let’s take a look at the benefits an air mattress can offer. First, it can mend back pain. Air mattresses with high quality provide you the firmness that will keep your back straight all night while you are sleeping. It also minimizes the pressure in both your hips and shoulders that is the common cause of back pain.

How to, choose the right air mattress?

  • Low rise vs. High rises

Low rise air mattress is perfect if you are looking for an airbed you can place in your dorm or your guests are children or young adolescents. Low rise air mattress is ideal for people who have limited space inside their house. Most low rise air mattress is only 8-10 inches high.

However, because of the lack of robustness and durability, it’s not advisable for a permanent bed. You can only use this for your guests or camping purposes.

On the other hand, a high-rise air mattress is usually 18-22 inches high. It’s ideal if you are looking for a “bed like” experience and you’d like to use it as a permanent bed. Some high-rise air mattress with hefty prices comes with an attached bed frames into it, making it more comfortable and luxurious.

  • EZ beds

Another option is an EZ beds. It’s an airbed that is attached to a metal frame. It’s quite bulky and heavy and certainly not advisable for camping purposes, but it’s extremely convenient, and is also considered one of the cabinet beds. There’s no need for lung work. All you need to do is to plug them, and the frame will start to unfold to a full bed. Just think of transformers transforming, and you’ll get the hang of it.

  • Durability

As much as possible, you might want to invest in an air mattress that can handle heavy work. Heavy-duty air mattresses can last for an extended period of time. To determine the durability of the air mattress, you might want to consider the thickness of the PVC. The thicker it is, the better. Make sure that the internal structure is well-made using superior glue. Aside from that, the air retention and maximum weight that it can accommodate should also be considered. If you are expecting tall and large guests, you might as well choose the large airbed available for their comfort. And also, don’t forget to read reviews and feedback from past customers!

There you go. Now you are ready to buy an air mattress for any use! Keep these tips in mind to help you choose the right airbed according to your purpose and avoid rookie mistakes in the process!