3 best martini recipes you can try at home

When it comes to a martini, the choices are endless. You can make great martinis with the ingredients that are readily available in your pantry. Here are some of the best martini recipes you can try today.

Espresso Martini

Vodka is a common base used in most martinis. This particular martini is also made from vodka. You will also need some triple sec and lemon juice. Use a shaker to make this delicious martini by placing ice, vodka and the rest of the ingredients and mixing them well. Strain the mixture into a martini glass and take your sip.

Chocolate Martini

Who says that you will need to eat chocolate in only their original form? If you are a chocolate lover then you can add chocolate to any meal or drink. Martini is no exception. In this special martini, you will need Smirnoff Vanilla and Godiva liqueur. Fill up your shaker with ice and add these two ingredients. Shake them well. Pour the mixture into your favorite martini glass and top it up with some chocolate bits.

French Martini

It is a very popular martini. You will need to use vodka as the base here. You will need to add ½ parts of Chambord Liqueur and 2 parts of pineapple juice into the vodka in a shaker. This will give you one of the best tastes. You can garnish the drink with a lemon twist or raspberry.

These martinis are very easy to prepare. Try these at your home today and enjoy the appreciations will receive by serving these to your guests.

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