Top 4 martini recipes with vodka

You can explore lots of martini recipes at home. Vodka is used as the most common base for preparing martinis. It has a transparent taste and when fruits are added to it, you will get a strong taste of the fruits. Here are the best martini recipes you can try with vodka.

Blueberry Martini

For this wonderful recipe, you will need acai-blueberry vodka, triple sec, Chambord and cranberry juice. The acai-blueberry vodka is a different type of vodka that will give you a very distinct taste. Against this special base, your martini will have a very special flavor. You will need a hint of cranberry and a touch of orange to complete the drink.

Peach and Pomegranate Martini

This martini requires peach schnapps, pomegranate vodka, cinnamon, juice of orange and lemon, and a pint of sugar. You can have this martini any time of the year. Use a shaker to mix all the ingredients properly. You can put a cinnamon-sugar rim around the glass for a classic finish.

Melon and Cucumber Martini

This is a very simple martini recipe. All you need is melon vodka, cucumber, and syrup. You can get the cucumber fresh from the garden.This drink is very refreshing.

Apple-cider Martini

Apple cider is a very healthy ingredient. This is a spicy, sweet and citrus drink that will give you a lasting taste. It can be the attraction of any dinner party.

All these recipes are very easy to try. You can get most of the ingredients at home. You can try these martinis with vodka for any occasion and entertain your guests.

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